About PFCC

Background and Origin of PFCC-U


The Parliamentary Forum on Climate Change‐Uganda (PFCC‐U) was formed in 2008 by Members of the 8th Parliament to respond to the pressing environmental, social and economic issues presented by Climate Change.

Being among the first Parliamentary forum on climate change in Africa, the forum has influenced parliamentary climate change dialogue and reforms in many regions of the continent. PFCC‐U provides a mechanism through which Uganda can strengthen linkages between the parliamentarians, executives, the academia and civil society on climate change and related challenges through representation,legislation,budget allocation and oversight.

PFCC‐U provides a voice that facilitates and encourages direct dialogue to promote a more comprehensive approach to dealing with the impacts of Climate Change and preparing Uganda for the future. The Forum works in partnerships and collaborative mechanism to reinforce cooperation between parliamentarians, policy makers, the academic community, civil society, development institutions, and non‐governmental organizations. This approach is unique, to the effect that it facilitates broader participation and contribution from a wider stakeholder audience, who are key for successful climate change mitigation and adaptation in the country.
Climate change is a long‐term and cross cutting issue that outlives electoral cycles of parliamentarians and affects every sector of the economy. This means that although MPs matter in framing effective response, so do the permanent institutions and civil servants that support them.
The Forum takes cognizance of the need to enhance the legislative, oversight, budgeting and representation roles of parliamentarians as a mechanism for mainstreaming climate change concerns into the national and global development frameworks such as the National Development Plan (NDP), Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Sustainable
Development strategy (SDS).

Our Vision

The forum’s Vision is a prosperous and climate change‐resilient Uganda


PFCC mission is to ensure proactive and coordinated actions from all stakeholders so
that most vulnerable sectors of the economy are climate proofed and sustainable
development is achieved.


The goal of PFCC‐U is to ensure effectiveness in policies and actions for harmonized and
coordinated approaches towards climate change resilience and sustainable
development in Uganda.


The Forum believes that all members will ensure integrity and apply competence to effectively discharge functions to reduce the growing challenges from climate change.

Forum members also believe that they shall be sensitive to climate change and bear a strong sense of accountability to the nation of Uganda and particularly their constituents regarding climate change mitigation and adaptation processes.